Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life writes....

Life is not always as colorful as the rainbow and most times these colors paint different shades of life's unpredictable journeys.

I saw a different shade yesterday. Portraying sadness, hurt and disappointment. I was "interrogating" one of my pupil, S upon his frequent absence and lack of concentration in class recently. His parents were getting a divorce. I was shock to know that this child was actually facing such a big challenge. He always had a smile on his face and made others thought he was just like everyone else.

His best friend tried to hide his tears upon knowing it. I found it hard and scary to imagine how it felt like "losing" part of our life, our strength - how shattering this could be.

Knowing S within this short period of time draws a blurry picture in my mind of expecting a big success on his UPSR results. It is a set back too much to be bared for a boy like him who is likely to choose to just stay put than to fight for his future.