Friday, January 25, 2008

Cause 'n Effect

I've just finished teaching the first batch of pupils and am taking a short break. Staring outside the window, the flash of yesterday's 'encounter' strikes again.

I had a visitor; an unwelcome one. Outside the window, on our stone brick wrought iron fence, a monkey was approaching and sat there... maybe taking a short break. It gave me a chill down the spine. If it wasn't for the window grill, I would have ran away! Looking at its size and long tail, it is an adult monkey and capable of doing the unexpected. My biggest concern were the children since it might be danger to them. I wished it would find somewhere else to stay.

We have been having these kind of 'visitors' for quite some time. Since we have a lot of flower plants and some mango trees, birds have been our dearest visitor and as a bonus the abandoned land next door becomes a banana heaven to them occasionally.

For the same reason, some where in November 2007, in the darkness of the night, we heard some scratching noise outside the window. Gazing quietly through the darkness, one of us saw two black foxes were busy filling up their bellies with the riping bananas. We gathered to watch anxiously.
Upon noticing our presence, they tiptoed on our fence and disappeared. It was like another family treat for all of us to see such wilderness coming closely to our lives. Yet, it didn't end there; they have never stopped visiting.

Seeing them at such an odd place tells us that these animals are merely trying to survive. They do not belong to the human world. Development causes destruction to their habitat and it affected their natural means of survival. Thus, surviving within the 'brick jungles' is the only way out.

It is an unfair trade. When nature had to give in for some changes, these precious creatures will have to face all the lost - including their lives. But how many would be willing to give even a short glance at them?

P/S: Never be afraid to protect our nature now, for it will always protect us back in the future. It is our true treasure.

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